Craig’s Learning Systems Template

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As LXPs and Digital Learning Platforms are adding feature sets that are more and more like a LMS, this template will cover all types of learning systems. You can edit the template, to fit your needs/requirements. It contains the latest features/capabilities in learning systems, including ones that are going to be hot in 2021 – “digital coaching”, “video assessment”, “skills management”, as well as key sections to inquire related to technical – especially when it comes to remote workers. Many people forget to ask in-depth questions about support, yet support is the number one reason, why people leave a learning system. This template provides you with those key questions.

Two key rules of thumb – 1. Never tell the vendor your budget, you can give them a ballpark range but never state a specific number. 2. In a use case – give them as many details as you can. Ambiguity is another reason, why folks end up hating their system – if the vendor isn’t clearly understanding what you are seeking, you will realize this – too late.

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