uQualio Named in Craig Weiss’s Top 20 Learning Systems of 2023: An Interview

There are tons of vendors in the e-learning space, and many organizations rely on expert opinions to help them narrow their search to a few that are best suited to their specific learning and employee development needs. Craig Weiss has been in the e-learning industry for more than 20 years, and his insights on e-learning are among the most valued by organizations of all sizes. 

Weiss releases an annual list of the top 20 learning systems based on 15 objective variables, and his 2023 list highlights both industry stalwarts and relative newcomers who are doing amazing things with their platforms. uQualio is a vendor falling into the latter category. 

uQualio is a video-learning platform offering advanced video splicing and micro-learning features that left Weiss saying, “Wow wow wow!,” calling the system his “Nextgen System of the Year.” If you’re interested in learning more about uQualio or in comparing them head-to-head to other top vendors, create a free account on FindAnLMS.com to take advantage of expert scores, vendor reviews, and e-learning insights from Craig Weiss himself.

An interview with uQualio’s Hatla Johnsen

Praise from Weiss doesn’t come with a price: Because vendors cannot pay Weiss to be included in his top-20 list or receive a title like “Nextgen System of the Year”, uQualio is clearly doing something right. In an interview with Hatla Johnsen of uQualio, we explore the factors that help the company stand out in a crowded marketplace and discuss uQualio’s plans for the future. 

What does this recognition mean to your organization?

This recognition helps us expand our reach, and we feel that our hands-on approach to learning is more easily accepted after we have been announced as the “NextGen System of the Year”. The goal at uQualio has always been to create a disruptive learning platform enabling people everywhere to access quality education and training based on video. 

Tell us briefly about uQualio. Who is it designed for? What does uQualio do best?

uQualio is designed to facilitate all kinds of learning, incorporating multimedia options, video, file attachments, and user invitations via SMS (text messaging) and email. We’ve designed the platform with a strong emphasis on engagement, participation, and communication. Furthermore, we made sure that uQualio is accessible on all devices for a truly intuitive, affordable package. 

uQualio offers the functionality you need, whether you’re an SMB looking to train internal employees or an enterprise organization looking to train external partners or customers. Either way, our built-in communication features allow easy user feedback based on text, video, and images. 

Of the features unique to uQualio, which are you most proud of?

If we have to pick just one feature, then I will point to our ‘Scene Selector’ where you can pick the best clip without having to edit the video. Instead, you simply enter the start and end of the clip. This way, you can break up a long video into small bites – it’s much easier to learn, and you write a topic header to help people search for the more interesting parts of a long video or webinar recording. The flexibility and scalability of our platform are also worthy of mention. 

How do you think uQualio improves the way that people learn?

I think there are two answers to this question. First, we provide a simple and effective microlearning tool with a format reminiscent of the YouTube experience users are already comfortable with. White labeling is available so organizations can provide consistent brand messaging, and content is available 24/7 on any device for maximal convenience. 

Second, our platform promotes the layering of knowledge through a quiz taken right after viewing a video and a final test designed to facilitate active positive reinforcement while learning. You can also add QR codes to a product or production line so learners can find any content they might need a refresher on quickly. 

What’s the best piece of advice you would give to someone searching for an LMS?

You have to consider the learning environment. Will learners be in the field, working in a warehouse, in direct contact with a client, or other? Likewise, you have to consider your organization’s unique training goals. Will it be used primarily for employee onboarding, continuously updated compliance training, or one-time training? Most importantly, focus on the needs of the end user, not what your L&D department thinks it wants. 

How do you plan to grow? What are some future challenges you foresee, goals you’d like to achieve, etc?

Our challenges include successfully managing growth, maintaining our focus on continuous development, and continuing to provide superior customer support. We aim to deliver a solution that is simple to set up and can be used for a variety of learning use cases. Keeping complexity and price down makes it easy to test drive our solution in real life without having to invest in a large implementation project with a long commitment. This calls for product lead sales, where success stories motivate more and more people to try how it works and convert to paying customers. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality education on a global scale to as many businesses, NGOs, schools, and start-ups as possible.

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