Sampling the Great Content Available on Craig Weiss’s Learning Library

Libraries were once the place to go for any kind of information. Let’s face it: where else could you find all those books? Modern consumers have more options, but libraries still provide digital access to many informational resources that you might not feel comfortable finding on your own. Of course, you might not be able to separate valuable, practical insight from fluff if you’re doing your own research on a complicated subject such as e-learning. 

That’s where Craig Weiss’s Learning Library comes into play. Weiss is a thought leader in the e-learning field with more than 20 years of experience evaluating learning management system (or LMS) solutions. He leverages this expertise as curator of the Learning Library: a free resource jam-packed with up-to-date, accurate e-learning insights designed to help decision-makers make the right choices for their organization’s training needs. While a simple online search is bound to give you outdated information and academic theories with little purpose, the Learning Library is designed to be practical. 

Weiss authors some of the content in the Learning Library himself, but he also leverages his long-standing relationships with top LMS vendors to source their unique perspectives without forcing anyone to sign up for an email newsletter or buy anything. Content is sorted into multiple sections for easy viewing, and you can download anything you find for offline reading. If you’d like more help choosing a great LMS, Weiss created as a free resource for comparing top systems head-to-head with his expert analysis. 

What types of content are in the Learning Library?

The sections of Weiss’s Learning Library include Buyer’s Guides, EdTech, Customer Education, Employee Onboarding, and more. Each section has a dedicated tab, so you won’t need to go through irrelevant content to find the information you’re searching for. Below, you’ll find four specific examples of the types of content available for free in Craig Weiss’s Learning Library, each sorted into a different section and written by a different vendor:

  1. Moving to a Hybrid Workplace: A Practical Guide from LearnAmp

This informative post explains why switching to a hybrid work model post-pandemic benefits most organizations while still acknowledging the pros and cons of in-person and remote work. It then explains how to successfully shift your organization’s workflow and training to a hybrid model with subsections on company culture and communication, logistics, practical considerations, and people policies such as recruitment and onboarding.

  1. The Ultimate LMS Buyer’s Guide from LearnUpon

Shopping for an LMS can feel overwhelming, but LearnUpon expertly breaks down what you should be looking for and how to find it in this piece. It covers the most common LMS use cases, problems an LMS can solve, details an LMS selection strategy, and offers insight on how to bring management on board with your final decision. It also demonstrates why things like analytics and UI are often more important than feature lists even if most organizations make their decisions on the latter. 

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Custom and Off-the-Shelf Training Content by Knowledge Anywhere

Many organizations have a hard time sourcing training content, and this piece adeptly covers the advantages of professional training content while pointing out when you would be better off creating your own courses. For example, it’s often cheaper and less time-consuming to purchase a training course on leadership skills or Microsoft Excel because they’re generic, but training content around particular products you sell should probably be handled in-house. 

  1. The Executive’s Guide to Driving Growth with Customer Training by D2L

All e-learning needs are not the same and customer training demands a completely different approach from employee training. In this article, D2L uses a broad range of statistics to illustrate how trends such as the rise of remote work and the accelerated pace of digitization present opportunities for growth. Then, practical advice is given regarding how to monitor the impact of your customer training program and better understand what your customers need and how to engage them. 

How can I take full advantage of the free resources Weiss provides?

The above is only a small sampling of what’s available on Craig Weiss’s free Learning Library, with other highlights including an LMS pricing guide, case studies of how LMS solutions have helped businesses grow, and recaps of Weiss’s annual lists of the top vendors in the LMS industry. No money exchanges hands when Weiss adds fresh content to the library, so you can always trust everything you’re reading. 
Once you’ve done some baseline research, you should create a free account on to compare top options head-to-head with your organization’s specific needs in mind. You’ll find all four vendors listed above and others there, along with exclusive insight from the expert himself. It’s the best way to choose an LMS!

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