Rock Your Organization’s Employee Development with the Rockstar Learning Platform

Many people are inclined to stick with the tried and true, especially if it is still producing results. The eLearning industry is definitely guilty of this as many LMS (learning management system) solutions have comparable features and pricing. Similarly, most LXP (learning experience platform) solutions do the same things with minimal carryover into the LMS realm. The Rockstar Learning Platform by eLearning Brothers tries to upset the status quo by combining the experiential capabilities of an LXP with the feature suite of an LMS. It isn’t perfect, but that’s to be expected from software that won’t celebrate its first birthday until January 2022.

Should your organization live with the growing pains, or is there another solution that would better fit your needs? Craig Weiss, founder and CEO of the Craig Weiss Group, maintains an eLearning system comparison site that’s designed to answer that exact question. You can create a free account on today to read his insights or take in this Rockstar Learning Platform review first. Either way, you will be getting the best information available.

What Is the Rockstar Learning Platform?

The Rockstar Learning Platform is an LMS/LXP hybrid that combines the features learners expect from an LMS (personalized learning paths, social learning tools, gamification) with the more experiential features of an LXP. Users can also distribute videos through the platform, making it an option for organizations that aren’t looking for an LMS right now. eLearning Brothers is an industry veteran, and they have overhauled all of their other services to work with the Rockstar Learning Platform. As such, it should continue to be supported for the foreseeable future.

What Are the Pros of the Rockstar Learning Platform?

The Rockstar Learning Platform can handle many tasks, including employee and customer onboarding, virtual instructor-led training, compliance and regulatory training, upskilling, reskilling, knowledge sharing, and mentorship programs. Blended learning and asynchronous learning are supported as well. It isn’t geared toward any specific industry, making it an option for the vast majority of organizations. The Rockstar Learning Platform is also highly scalable, allowing small businesses to continue using it as they grow.

Furthermore, the Rockstar Learning Platform allows organizations to custom-brand every page, making it easier for learners to see the training as an extension of their employer rather than a separate entity. Clients can also create course content that other clients can subscribe to on the marketplace for free, a brilliant feature that other LMS solutions lack. Premium add-ons such as access to the BizLibrary of microlearning training videos and The Training Arcade for enhanced gamification also suggest that the platform as a whole has room to grow, though businesses should be mindful of their training budgets when purchasing add-ons.

Are There Any Cons Associated with the Rockstar Learning Platform?

The Rockstar Learning Platform’s UI can feel clunky at times, but that should be sorted out with time. Notably, course creation takes a while until you get your content into a format the platform recognizes, at which point it’s relatively smooth sailing. There are also no ad-hoc reporting capabilities or support for mobile devices, though these features should come in the future as well. Finally, the platform’s hybrid nature means that some of its features will feel redundant in nearly all circumstances.

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The Rockstar Learning Platform oozes potential and was named a 2021 “Platinum Pick” by the Craig Weiss Group, but is it right fit for your organization? Luckily, Weiss curates a big list of learning platform system reviews to help organizations find a great fit for their needs. Create a free account on right now to explore all of the options available to you!

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