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Any organization that’s looking to add upskilling and reskilling opportunities for their employees is likely looking at e-learning, but finding an LMS (or learning management system) that’s equipped to do that can be challenging. DeGreed is a name that frequently comes up in this space because its system is feature-rich, making it worthy of consideration for nearly any organization.

Is DeGreed right for your organization? That’s a difficult question that depends on your unique needs, but it couldn’t hurt to seek out an expert opinion. Craig Weiss is the author of the e-learning 24/7 blog that’s read in 147 countries and counting, Lead Analyst for the Craig Weiss Group, and the founder of a website dedicated to helping average people find the LMS that best suits their needs. Notably, is acronym-agnostic, meaning that DeGreed will be covered whether it’s calling itself an LMS, LXP, or TXP. When you finish reading this DeGreed review, you can create a free account on to compare it to other leading platforms head-to-head.

What Is DeGreed?

DeGreed markets itself as an upskilling platform designed to connect learning to business opportunities through a single skill development experience, ensuring that organizations and people are ready for tomorrow’s challenges. The average LMS facilitates e-learning, but reskilling and upskilling demand an active dialogue with learners that an average system cannot provide. DeGreed was one of the first LXPs (or Learning Experience Platforms) on the market, and they now call themselves a TXP (Talent Experience Platform) to differentiate themselves from all of the LMS solutions that have added some LXP functionality.

What Are Some of DeGreed’s Top Selling Points?

DeGreed has a nice UI (or User Interface) for both learners and admins, allowing everybody to find what they need quickly and easily. It also offers strong analytical capabilities out of the box, giving admins access to powerful metrics and visualization tools to help them keep track of learner progress. DeGreed also does a nice job with personalized learning paths, leveraging AI to identify which courses suit individual learners and then inviting them to enroll with minimal admin involvement.

DeGreed has a dedicated mobile app for learners as well, allowing them to engage with training content whenever and wherever works best for them. The app does not offer functionality for admins or instructors, but giving them remote access on mobile is still relatively rare in the e-learning industry. DeGreed also has a fantastic optional add-on called DeGreed Intelligence with great features such as a display of top content viewed by provider and a list of the top 10 topics overall that is worth the extra money.

Does DeGreed Have Any Notable Drawbacks?

Considering that the purpose of a TXP is to facilitate sandbox learning, DeGreed places a strange emphasis on completing assignments that even affects the algorithm’s course recommendations. Put simply, all courses that are “completed” will affect course recommendations even if they were compulsory or of little relevance to a specific learner. The platform also lacks diagnostic tools to help instructors identify competence gaps and enroll learners in remediation. Finally, DeGreed is a little pricey, especially if you spring for the aforementioned DeGreed Intelligence. Still, these concerns are more nit-picky than major problems and DeGreed tied for second in Weiss’s annual list of the top e-learning platforms for 2022.

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Strong overall ratings are nice, but remember that your organization has unique needs that even an industry expert like Craig Weiss can’t always anticipate. DeGreed might be the right choice for you, but you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t consider all of your options. If you’re in the market for a top-notch LMS, create a free account on to compare unbiased reviews of a wide variety of e-learning solutions in one convenient place today.

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