Personalize Employee Development with the New BizSkills Platform

The corporate world is dealing with a massive skills deficiency. Three out of four CEOs identified the availability of key skills as the biggest threat to their organizations before the COVID-19 pandemic, and remote work has only worsened this issue. Furthermore, employee turnover is at an all-time high and companies are frequently losing their most skilled employees to competitors. Successful businesses will need a personalized employee development program to upskill existing team members and retain their best talent, but managing such a program can feel impossible.

BizSkills is a new learning platform designed to make employee development personal and easy. It is the first and only platform that automates the mapping process from job roles to skills to content, providing team members with immediate access to the skill development opportunities they need without a ton of manual work. Employees can also use BizSkills for effortless upskilling, developing the skills they need to pursue their career goals without leaving your organization. The result is more engaged employees, more productive team members, and lower turnover rates.

This BizSkills review will highlight some of the platform’s most notable features and help you determine if it would be a good fit for your needs. If you would like more help figuring out which LMS you should choose, create a free account on today. All of the content on is curated by Craig Weiss, author of the e-learning 24/7 blog read in 147 countries and Lead Analyst for the Craig Weiss Group. Weiss is widely recognized as one of the thought leaders in online learning and his exclusive insights are a great way to make an informed decision regarding LMS solutions.

What Is BizSkills?

Effective upskilling requires continual skill mapping personalized to each employee while also providing outstanding course content for every skill. Organizations of all sizes have historically struggled to develop a successful reskilling program because no L&D department has the resources to do all of that work. BizSkills is a dedicated skill development platform developed by the people behind BizLibrary that automates personalized upskilling for every employee based on their current role and skillset. Team members can also pursue personal and professional growth – all in one convenient platform.

The platform includes more than 500 of the most popular job roles mapped to more than 1,500 key skills, allowing users to check a box and immediately see all of the skills they’ll need to be successful. Those 1,500 skills are then mapped to more than 5,000 courses in the award-winning BizLibrary, making it easy for all learners to find and enroll in the courses they need to reach their full potential. If your organization has unique job roles or requires rare skills, you can create customized jobs and skills (or edit existing ones) complete with a focused, goal-oriented learning path to success. BizSkills has partnered with Emsi Burning Glass, experts in labor market data and analytics, to ensure that all recommendations are up-to-date with the latest trends in education, job postings, and economics as well. In short, BizSkills revolutionizes skill development by making the process easier than it has ever been before.

What Features Help BizSkills Stand Out in a Crowded Industry?

  1. Flexibility

BizSkills works as a standalone learning platform, as an add-on to the parent company’s BizLMS, and as an extension to other LMS solutions, making it easy to implement for virtually any organization.

  1. Ease of Use

BizSkills has a sleek UI (or user interface) for both learners and admins, so you won’t have to waste time training your employees on how to access training. Performance data is also presented through intuitive means that anyone can understand.

  1. Broad Applications

BizSkills can be utilized for mandatory compliance training, specialized skills in fields such as finance, management, and business; or required workplace safety training. Alternatively, you can use it more informally and let learners focus on optional upskilling.

  1. Rating Feature

The Rating feature of BizSkills helps learners understand where they are and measure their progress. Skills are assessed by management and employees to ensure accurate results.

  1. Skill Interests Feature

Assigning courses based on an employee’s current role is fine, but BizSkills also allows team members to tell you exactly how they want to grow and enroll in courses to learn the skills they’ll need to pursue promotions within your organization.

  1. Role Matches Feature

If an employee knows what job title they want but aren’t sure how to get there, BizSkills displays a percentage indicating how closely their skills align with the new role. Workers are then given the option to enroll in courses to bridge any gaps.

  1. BizLibrary Access

BizLibrary is both a content producer and aggregator with more than 40 partners producing content in multiple training styles and formats. Fresh content is added all of the time, and 50% of it is the direct result of client requests.

  1. Affordability

Purchasing an LMS can get expensive, but BizSkills is among the more affordable options on the market. Note that you will need a BizLibrary Unlimited content subscription since everything is mapped to BizLibrary courses, but you’ll get a lot for your money.

What Else Can BizSkills Do for My Organization?

BizSkills includes the reporting tools you need to identify and address skill gaps, allowing you to proactively ensure that your employees are equipped for success in their current roles. Employees who feel prepared to succeed are also more engaged at work, ensuring that they put forth their best effort daily. If an employee is overqualified for their current role, you can see that and move them to a position that better utilizes their talents instead of waiting for them to leave your company. That reduces employee turnover and promotes organizational stability.

You will also be able to scale personalized learning experiences throughout your organization with BizSkills. Traditionally, businesses have needed to focus reskilling efforts on a small number of team members due to the labor involved in mapping skills to job roles and finding appropriate courses. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of untapped talent that either leaves the organization or performs suboptimally. BizSkills allows you to train everyone without prohibitive amounts of labor, facilitating succession planning, internal promotions, and lateral movement to put employees in the best possible position to succeed.

Finally, the BizSkills platform features adaptable development plans that automatically adjust based on an employee’s role and current job skills. Senior management won’t have to constantly monitor employee progress, enabling them to focus on their other responsibilities without compromising your reskilling program. That promotes efficiency throughout your entire organization.

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Skill development is an ongoing bugaboo for many LMS vendors, but BizSkills succeeds where others have failed. In fact, Craig Weiss called the platform “special” when he was given a sneak peek before its official launch because of how effectively job roles were mapped to skills and courses. That said, it may not be for you if you’re not looking for a dedicated skills platform. In that scenario, you should create a free account on and compare the top players in the industry head-to-head with Weiss’s expertise by your side. It is the best way to find a system with the functionality you need at a price you can afford.

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