LMS Solutions for Small and Mid-Market Enterprises

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from e-learning, but that doesn’t mean that organizations of all sizes should choose the same learning management system (or LMS). Many LMS vendors tailor their software to specific numbers of end users (or less frequently, revenue thresholds), with “enterprise” being a common buzzword for organizations that are bigger than SMBs. Unfortunately, nobody agrees on what “enterprise” really means. 

Organizations might consider themselves enterprises with 500 employees who need virtual training. LMS vendors might set the number at 5,000 for their “enterprise” package. Both are individual use cases and likely aren’t useful for general purposes. 

Craig Weiss, a thought leader in the e-learning industry and author of the Craig Weiss Group blog read in more than 145 countries, recently added clarity by defining four different types of enterprise by the number of end-users. “Small Enterprise” has 1,000-2,500 learners, “Mid-Market” means 2,500-5,000 learners, “Enterprise” is 5,000-9,999 learners, and “Large Enterprise” have 10,000+. If you want professional help finding an LMS for your organization, you can create a free account on FindAnLMS.com and compare the biggest names with Weiss’s industry-leading insights head-to-head. 

Below, you’ll find three LMS solution recommendations for small and mid-market enterprise organizations:

Three LMS recommendations for Small Enterprises

  1. KREDO

KREDO is a powerful LMS offering everything small enterprises need to grow. The platform offers native integration with common software such as Zoom, white-labeling to help your training materials feel like an extension of your brand, and a strong selection of metrics and analytical tools to help admins identify and address any skill gaps quickly. 

  1. MATRIX by Cypher Learning

Smaller enterprise organizations may not have much eLearning experience, and MATRIX is a very easy-to-use LMS with plentiful features and capabilities. The platform is also very affordable, so you won’t need a huge budget to launch your e-learning campaign. Notably, MATRIX is Cypher Learning’s solution for corporate organizations. The company also offers NEO for EdTech and INDIE for training providers, but all three are extremely similar systems. 

  1. LearnUpon LMS

LearnUpon is a great system for small enterprises combining lots of features with the ability to deliver on-demand training content to all learners. It offers native integration with common office tools such as Slack and Salesforce, with e-commerce capabilities linked to Shopify. Learners can also provide feedback to their instructors to help make courses more effective over time. 

Three LMS recommendations for Mid-Market Enterprises

  1. Learn Amp

Learn Amp provides an excellent user interface (or UI) for learners with an above-average one for administrators, ensuring that everyone will enjoy using this LMS. The platform also offers good functionality, strong skill development, and outstanding customer service, though the total lack of a mobile app means that it may not be right for organizations looking for just-in-time learning. 

  1. Litmos

Previously known as SAP Litmos, Litmos was purchased by Francisco Partners in August of 2022 to operate as an independent entity. That’s good news, as SAP prioritized SAP SuccessFactors Learning while letting Litmos’s UI become out-of-date. Litmos was by far the better system before SAP acquired it, and the development team is more than capable of improving its UI and analytical tools now that they’re free. Litmos also has a fantastic app marketplace and exchange for mid-market enterprises that aren’t interested in writing courses. 

  1. D2L Brightspace

D2L is one of the bigger names in the LMS space and you don’t have to be huge to take advantage of everything they offer. D2L’s mobile app offers offline functionality so workers can access training content without a Wi-Fi connection, solid metrics and analytical tools, and continuous feedback on skills progression. The platform also automates several administrative tasks to give you more time to focus on your business. 

Learn more on FindAnLMS.com

Many LMS solutions work well for organizations of multiple sizes, so you could potentially choose a mid-market option for a small enterprise or vice versa. Likewise, you may want to explore more options than the three listed for each category above because there are tons of great options out there. 

FindAnLMS.com allows users to enter how many learners they have and search using that as criteria, making it easier for organizations of any size to find a great fit for their needs. FindAnLMS.com is also an exclusive club, with Craig Weiss personally curating which vendors are allowed to join. You can create a free account right now to take full advantage of Weiss’s decades of experience in the e-learning industry!

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