LMS Solutions for Enterprise and Large Enterprise Organizations

While all organizations can benefit from e-learning in some capacity, the largest organizations often have unique training needs. With a global workforce and customers around the world, the average learning management system (or LMS) simply doesn’t have the capabilities to keep up with what you’re trying to do. You need a learning platform with an intuitive UI/UX (user interface and user experience), strong overall functionality, powerful metrics including data segmentation, mobile compatibility, batch video uploads, and outstanding course management tools. 

Sadly, most LMS vendors are vague about what their enterprise packages include and charge a premium price for features you either don’t need or aren’t robust enough for your organization. Craig Weiss, Founder and Lead Analyst of The Craig Weiss Group LLC, recently addressed this issue with a blog post highlighting 20 of the best LMS solutions for enterprise-scale organizations. Weiss defined “enterprise” as between 5,000 and 9,999 end users in his piece but acknowledged that organizations of other sizes may consider themselves enterprises as well.

The Craig Weiss Group’s blog is a great source for the latest e-learning insights from one of the industry’s biggest names, but it can’t provide personalized advice related to your organization’s unique needs. For that, you should create a free account on FindAnLMS.com and compare the top LMS vendors head-to-head, taking advantage of Weiss’s expertise every step of the way. Below, you’ll find a brief snapshot of six LMS vendors in the FindAnLMS database. 

Three LMS solutions for Enterprise organizations

  1. Fuse LMS

Fuse borders on a cohort learning platform with a strong emphasis on communities that give it a unique UI that e-learning veterans may find jarring, but it works wonderfully. The platform also offers the best analytical tools available from any LMS vendor, making it easier to track who is taking what. Outstanding customer support and a good mobile app round out one of the most powerful LMS solutions for nearly any organization. 

  1. Absorb LMS

The key to getting good value out of Absorb is choosing the right add-ons. Absorb Analyze is a must because the base package doesn’t include the data segmentation tools you’re looking for. Absorb Engage provides a suite of engagement tools to interest any learner. Absorb Amplify is a content marketplace that includes several courses at no extra charge. If your organization is authoring courses and hasn’t found the right creation tool yet, Absorb Create LI isn’t a bad option. 

  1. Juno Journey

Juno Journey is another platform with an excellent UI/UX that doesn’t conform to industry standards, so e-learning veterans may struggle with it at first. Still, it more than gets the job done. One of the best features here is that learners can sort courses through skills or interests, giving them much more control over their recommendations. The built-in metrics are also strong and align well with the current corporate environment. 

Three LMS solutions for Large Enterprises

  1. Cornerstone LMS

Cornerstone is a fantastic system with outstanding mobile capabilities and a recently revamped UI that makes things way better on the learner side. Content Anytime (the third-party course marketplace) provides everything large enterprises need, with solid skill development standing out from the pack. Solid analytics and strong customer support round out a great package. 

  1. DeGreed

DeGreed provides an excellent UI/UX for learners with an above-average one for administrators, so everyone in your organization should be able to use it. That said, the real reason to choose DeGreed is the Intelligence add-on that delivers outstanding data segmentation and visualization. DeGreed’s mobile app is solid and its “Opportunity” feature ties skills to promotions within an organization flawlessly. 

  1. GyrusAim LMS

GyrusAim combines strong overall functionality with an intuitive UI, making it a solid choice for large enterprise organizations. The built-in analytical tools aren’t bad either, though you may find yourself wishing there were more of them. 

Find an ideal LMS for your needs with FindAnLMS.com

All six of the LMS vendors mentioned above offer excellent software, but every organization has unique needs and it may pay to explore other options. Similarly, a system optimized for smaller organizations may fit your organization more effectively than expected. We recommend creating a free account on FindAnLMS.com today to take advantage of Craig Weiss’s industry-leading analysis and head-to-head comparison tools to make the right choice.

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