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If you’ve ever been responsible for choosing a learning management system (LMS), learning experience platform (LXP), talent development platform (TDP), or another e-learning platform for an organization, you probably know all too well how overwhelming it can be. With thousands of vendors frequently using complicated jargon to explain why they are best, the average person has no idea where to turn for help.

Craig Weiss, a thought leader in the e-learning space whose predictions have proven over 90% accurate since 2009, identified this need and created as a resource where average people could get the expert help they need to pick an LMS. includes detailed ratings and analysis from Weiss himself on over 100 of the industry’s top vendors, allowing you to compare them head-to-head. You can create a free account on right now to get started.

One of the best aspects of is that Weiss is constantly updating it with fresh insight and new platforms, so the information available is always up-to-date. The Learning Systems Library is one of the newest additions and combines Weiss’s insight with helpful info from LMS vendors, giving people unparalleled access to the e-learning industry at no cost or obligation.

What kinds of information are available in the Learning Systems Library?

The Learning Systems Library includes a broad variety of content covering everything from how-to guides to industry-specific tips on how to make the most of e-learning. Content is sourced from Weiss’s expertise and LMS vendors hoping to share what they can offer with potential customers. Information is sorted into tabs such as “Workforce Learning” and “Employee Onboarding and Retention” to make it easy to find whatever you’re looking for.

Content that Weiss writes himself includes a comprehensive guide to LMS pricing and a link to his top-10 learning management systems of 2022, creating a great baseline for individuals who are starting their search. He also curates the content vendors provide, so you don’t have to worry about a sales pitch disguised as something helpful. Vendors contributing content aren’t endorsed by Weiss either.

Vendor-provided content is generally written on topics in each vendor’s wheelhouse, allowing them to speak authoritatively on the subject. For example, D2L is a huge player in the Ed Tech space and contributed content such as a K-12 LMS evaluation guide and a guide to incorporating technology in the classroom. Similarly, Weiss named Thought Industries as the number-one vendor in the customer education space and they contributed content such as “Emerging Trends in Customer Education” and “Why You Should Invest in a Platform Built for Customer Education.”

Each vendor’s experience also plays into the content they offer. For instance, Absorb LMS has multiple international clients and added a primer on understanding GDPR compliance to help companies expand training to the European market. Likewise, Knowledge Anywhere created a content builder checklist to help organizations identify and address their unique needs plus several industry-specific pieces such as a guide to online manufacturing training. LearnAmp contributed a practical guide on moving to a hybrid workplace and Degreed added a case study on how their LMS facilitated experiential learning with Ibotta.

The best part is that all of this information is available for free. You won’t receive any solicitations from the vendors unless you contact them first, nor do you have to buy anything from Weiss to take advantage of these resources. You can even download the materials for offline reading and follow the collection to receive notifications whenever new content is added.

Check out the Learning Systems Library for yourself

The examples above are only a small sampling of what’s available in the Learning Systems Library, so you’ll want to browse its contents yourself. Once you get your bearings, you can take advantage of everything else can do to find a great LMS for your organization’s needs.

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