Integrate Training Content into Your Organization’s Workflow with Fuse LMS

Most corporations understand the importance of e-learning to fuel their success, but the vast majority are still relying on traditional course-based training. According to research conducted by the Brandon Hall Group, however, course-based training does not align with business or performing outcomes. Fuse LMS is a learning engagement platform that looks to go beyond courses to provide learners with seamless access to in-context content at the point of need in the workflow, helping them perform at their best. 

Choosing the right learning platform for your organization can be challenging, and there’s nothing wrong with looking for expert assistance. is the leading resource for researching LMS, LXP, and other training solutions because it’s backed by one of the biggest names in all of e-learning. Create a free account on today and start comparing hundreds of learning platforms including Fuse LMS. 

What Is Fuse LMS?

Fuse LMS is a digital training tool that allows you to build your training materials directly into your organization’s workflow, providing learners with the information they need when they need it for a more active learning experience. Traditional courses and skills are only one piece of the puzzle, and showing learners how they can use training content to become better at their jobs can be a key differentiator. 

The platform also leverages social learning features to make training more engaging, leading to a more consistent user base than LMS solutions that typically get ignored save mandatory compliance training and onboarding courses. According to Fuse’s statistics, 80-90% of learners use Fuse at least once a week while competing platforms only see usage rates around 2-3% per week. Fuse training is simply more engaging than course-based training. 

How Will My Employees Benefit from Fuse Training?

One of the biggest benefits of Fuse is that it allows learners to find the content they need quickly and easily. For example, advanced indexing helps learners find the specific content they need in a video instead of blindly searching for it. Team members are also provided with a safe space to practice new skills, allowing them to advance from beginners to basic competency to proven expertise, all without jeopardizing your organization’s sterling reputation. 

Two-way communication is an essential component of active learning, and Fuse LMS allows learners to give and receive feedback from administrators and instructors to ensure that everybody knows where they stand. You can also leverage Fuse’s powerful AI capabilities to provide learners with curated learning paths that revolve around their unique needs. 

What Can Fuse LMS Do for Me?

Fuse LMS offers easy authoring tools to help you create training materials around your organization’s specific needs, not what some third-party thinks your organization does. The Fuse team can also help you create engaging training materials including motion graphics, search optimization, 360 interactive experiences, mobile-first design, digital-first capture, and 3-5 minute podcasts and videos. Furthermore, you will receive training metrics on pre-built dashboards to make it easy to track learner progress. 

There are also several customer service packages to choose from, some of which include dedicated support and help to get your organization’s training program off of the ground. The Fuse Tribe (other Fuse customers) is a great resource whenever you’re looking for technical support as well. 

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Fuse LMS has won numerous industry awards, including being named a “Platinum Pick” by the Craig Weiss Group in 2021. e-Learning expert Craig Weiss is the driving force behind both the Craig Weiss Group and, where he shares his unbiased insights on hundreds of LMS, LXP, and talent development platforms. Create a free account on right now to start reviewing trustworthy reviews on the best learning management systems on the market today.

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