How to Find the Right Employee Relations Training Tool

Launching an employee relations training program can empower your team to handle issues concerning the human factor in the workplace, but it can be a difficult thing to get right. You’ll have to cover potentially sensitive topics such as sexual harassment and discrimination in a way that feels open and inclusive for all. An employee relations training plan also requires regular updates as laws change and your policies are tested in the real world. 

You might think that employee relations training would be impossible to deliver online, but a learning management system (or LMS) equipped with the right tools can be enormously beneficial. If you’ve never shopped for an e-learning solution before, there’s nothing wrong with bringing in an expert who can help you find a great employee relations training platform. 

Craig Weiss has worked in the e-learning industry since its inception and has spent the majority of that time evaluating LMS solutions. Nobody has a better understanding of what’s available in the marketplace or what organizations need for effective employee relations management training, making his insight a must. is a resource curated by Weiss that allows anyone to compare top LMS solutions like a pro. Best of all, you can create a free account on and compare leading vendors head-to-head with exclusive insight from Weiss. 

Essential features for employee relations training

While your organization’s particular needs dictate the LMS that makes the most sense for you, there are a few standard features that every employee relations training platform should have. Here are four of the most important:

  1. Collaboration Tools

Your team members have to be able to communicate with each other to get the most out of employee relations training, and many LMS solutions facilitate that. Threaded message boards encourage discussions between synchronous and asynchronous learners, while virtual breakout rooms are a great way for team members to brainstorm ideas. Role-play exercises can help learners understand what it feels like to be a victim of bullying or emotional abuse. You can even set up mentorship programs to bridge the generational divide and help learners of all ages better understand the value of other perspectives. 

  1. Real-Time Feedback

Communication between team members is important, but communication between learners, instructors, and administrators is equally vital. If a learner doesn’t understand something in a live class or self-paced assignment, they should be able to anonymously seek clarification so the misunderstanding can be addressed. Likewise, learner feedback can help instructors present material more inclusively and even add topics to address problems that weren’t previously known. Everybody has to get on the same page if you want your employee relations training plan to succeed. 

  1. Content Marketplace

You might be thinking that you need outstanding course authoring tools to create an employee relations training program, but sensitive topics like implicit bias and racial prejudices are best left in the hands of experts. As such, you should look for a system that offers a broad selection of expert-written courses that you can modify should the need arise. You’ll be saving yourself valuable time while ensuring that minimal confusion sneaks into your courses. Best of all, content vendors frequently update course content automatically so it remains up-to-date.

  1. Assessment and Reporting Tools

The best way to prove the value of your employee relations program is to quantify what learners are getting out of it. You want data segmentation to monitor the progress of individuals and your organization as a whole. Furthermore, data visualization tools are essential if you want your data to tell a story and not just be numbers on a spreadsheet. Ideally, you want learners to see how they are faring in real-time and the flexibility to enroll them in remedial courses with just a few clicks. 

Employee relations training begins with
The successful implementation of an employee relations training plan requires more than the features above. Craig Weiss can leverage more than 20 years of experience to determine what you need to turn your plan into reality and point you toward the system that would work best for you. Create a free account on right now to get started.

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