How a Sales Enablement Platform Can Better Train Your Team

You might sell a great product and back it with outstanding customer service, but your organization will never drive the revenue it should without a great sales team. Unfortunately, finding great salespeople can be hard. You need people who understand your products inside and out, outstanding communicators, and individuals who can anticipate a lead’s needs and address them preemptively.

The good news is that all of these skills can be taught. A sales enablement platform can help your people learn about new offerings, refine their sales pitches, and receive real-time feedback on their progress. A great platform can also serve a broader role in your organization’s sales enablement strategy by tracking performance and facilitating communication between your organization’s sales, marketing, and content teams.

Choosing the right sales enablement platform is essential, and Craig Weiss can help you do just that. Weiss is the author of the e-learning 24/7 blog read in 147 countries and CEO of the Craig Weiss Group which gives out some of the most prestigious awards in the industry. He is also the proprietor of, a website dedicated to helping average consumers pick the right learning management system for their needs. You can create a free account on right now to start comparing hundreds of top vendors head-to-head.

Picking a Sales Enablement Platform

The sales enablement platform that’s right for you depends on what type of learners you’re training. If you’re a retailer looking to train employees, you need a system that emphasizes employee onboarding and skill development. If most of your salespeople are channel partners, your sales enablement strategy has to include incentives to entice external learners to spend their valuable time on your platform. Weiss draws a clear differentiation between employee-focused and customer-focused systems that are based on performance instead of marketing speak, helping you look at the right category.

The next step is finding the sales enablement tools that will prepare your team for success. Weiss compiled a list of five of the most important sales enablement tools to look for to get you started. If you’d like to keep things more general, integrations with tools your organization uses every day are important. For example, you’ll probably get more actionable data if you integrate your sales enablement platform with services such as Google Analytics and Salesforce than if you relied on native reporting capabilities alone.

Strong communication is essential in sales, and a great sales enablement platform will give your team opportunities to practice. For example, video coaching can be a great way to evaluate a fresh hire’s skills before sending them into the field while social learning capabilities allow learners to receive constructive criticism from their peers. You can even use role-play exercises to help salespeople better understand a lead’s unique needs.

Finally, your training content has to be accessible. Resources such as customer success stories and product information lose their impact if a salesperson has to spend minutes looking them up, so a great sales enablement platform will offer content management capabilities to make everything easier to find. Similarly, you’ll need intuitive course authoring tools to highlight the benefits of your specific products.

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