Fit e-Learning into Your Organization’s Budget with EdTek LMS

The demand for eLearning has never been higher, and many vendors advertise how they will be able to revolutionize an organization’s remote learning program with just a few clicks. In truth, all learning management systems are just software. It’s a tool that can help you reach for your organization’s goals but won’t miraculously solve all of your issues merely by existing. EdTek LMS freely acknowledges this fact, instead marketing itself as an affordable way to get your organization the online training and education functionality your learners deserve.

This EdTek LMS review takes advantage of insights from industry titan Craig Weiss, the author of a dedicated e-learning blog that’s read in 147 different countries. He also founded the Craig Weiss Group, one of the most trusted sources of unbiased information in the industry, and posts unbiased reviews of multiple platforms on When you’re done here, you can create a free account on to read more reviews and discover the best LMS fit for your organization’s unique needs. Let’s get started!

What Is EdTek LMS?

EdTek offers two different LMS options: one intended for employee training and the other for K-12 and university-level education. Both solutions are cloud-based, meaning that they are easy to scale as your training or educational needs grow. You can also choose from two different pricing models. SaaS (or Software as a Service) pricing involves purchasing an annual license while pay-as-you-go means that you pay per monthly user.

One of the things that helps EdTek LMS stand out in a crowded industry is that they offer a free, unlimited trial to help you determine if their system is right for you. Free trials are common throughout the e-learning space, but most of them are limited to 14 days when vendors know that it isn’t enough time to truly sample everything modern LMS solutions can offer. The free trial version of EdTek LMS doesn’t let you register too many learners, so you can’t use it as your primary LMS for free. Still, you can do enough to get a sense of what the system is like at your pace.

Can EdTek LMS Do Everything You Would Expect from an LMS?

Yes, it can. Both learners and admins will benefit from an intuitive UI (or User Interface) that makes it easy to find courses and interact with educational content. Content on EdTek LMS is mobile-friendly as well, allowing learners to access material when and where they want to. That gives your learners more control over their e-learning experience, fostering engagement. Synchronous learning is available through Zoho Meetings, allowing your organization to host live classes even if learners are miles apart geographically. You also get a suite of reporting tools to make it easier to track learner progress and intervene if someone is falling behind.

EdTek LMS is backed by excellent customer support so you won’t have to figure anything out alone. For example, your dedicated Client Service Consultant will help you integrate your LMS with other programs your team uses every day at no additional cost. The in-house staff can also help you create customized courses around the specific needs of your learners and migrate existing materials from another LMS to EdTek.

If you want to get your learners started right away, both versions of EdTek LMS include a course library of pre-made modules that are ready to rock right out of the box. Alternatively, you can use the system’s built-in course authoring tool to create new courses and make them pop with an extensive multimedia library of images and videos.

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Between the unlimited trial, multiple pricing options, and free LMS training for your organization’s administrators, instructors, and subject matter experts, EdTek LMS is a great option for organizations on a budget. However, that doesn’t mean that it is the right fit for you. If you would like to compare the top names in e-learning head-to-head with expert guidance, create a free account on to take advantage of Craig Weiss’s expertise.

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