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Consumers like the simplicity of one-size-fits-all when they are shopping for clothes or ordering a buffet dinner, but some things work better when they are tailored to the shopper’s specific needs. For example, your organization’s learning management system (or LMS for short) should fit your needs like a glove. Unfortunately, a lot of vendors seem to try to be everything to everyone and end up failing to completely address anybody’s needs.

G-Cube changes that paradigm by offering a variety of learning management systems targeted to specific users, allowing organizations to choose the right one for them. Is one of their options the right fit for your organization? The following G-Cube LMS review will help you answer that question by leveraging industry leader Craig Weiss’s knowledge of e-learning: learning management systems in particular. You can receive additional insight from Weiss by signing up for a free account on to compare unbiased reviews of all of the biggest names in the industry.

What Is G-Cube LMS?

G-Cube is an MRCC company that offers four different learning management systems to help organizations get the specific features they need. First, their Enterprise LMS offers a powerful suite of reporting tools such as performance data mapping, evaluations, business impact analysis, and skill gap identification to help enterprise-scale organizations effectively train large numbers of employees. If your organization is looking to go beyond employee training and into partner or customer training, the G-Cube Extended Enterprise LMS may be a better fit. It allows organizations to effectively train their entire extended business network including associates, freelancers, customers, leads, vendors, and partners.

Next up is the G-Cube Learning Experience Platform, or LXP for short. This system allows administrators to create a channel-based learning environment to improve business agility. An AI-based recommendation system also helps learners identify which courses can help them pursue career goals to promote engagement while reducing admin workload. Finally, the G-Cube Learning Performance Platform makes it easy to identify how e-learning affects business performance. If your stakeholders demand hard data on the benefits of your organization’s e-learning program, this is the fit for you.

What Are Some of the Key Features of G-Cube LMS?

All four G-Cube products include access to a secure mobile app, giving learners access to just-in-time learning whether they want to review safety protocols in bed or renew their compliance certification on their lunch break. They also incorporate push notifications to remind learners that they have a new course to take, gamification elements, and social learning tools to foster an environment of continuous learning throughout your organization.

Each system offers an intuitive UI as well, making it easy for all learners to access training materials even if they aren’t the most tech-savvy. Cloud deployment ensures that each G-Cube LMS is capable of scaling as clients add learners, and each system is backed by a dedicated customer success team to help with troubleshooting if something goes wrong. All told, the Craig Weiss Group named G-Cube a “Diamond Pick” for 2021.

What Is the Biggest Shortcoming of G-Cube LMS?

Each G-Cube LMS includes access to training modules developed by MRCC at no additional charge, so you can get your training program up and running right away. Unfortunately, these modules do not offer much room for customization and the platforms have no course authoring tools, meaning that you are kind of stuck with what they give you. If you were hoping for a system that can deliver organization-specific training, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Craig Weiss is familiar with over 1,300 LMS options including international choices that you may not hear of otherwise, making his expertise a tremendous asset no matter what kind of e-learning needs you may have. Create a free account on today to start reviewing your options!

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