Expanding Your Search for a Learning Management System

Expanding Your Search for a Learning Management System

As more organizations turn to e-learning for employee and partner training, choosing the right LMS (or learning management system) has never been more important. A quick Google search will give you plenty of vendors to choose from, but they may not be the best fit for your needs. Search engine algorithms tend to prioritize local services, but the remote nature of e-learning means that you can just as easily choose a platform developed in another country if it aligns with your needs. 

Craig Weiss, the leading name in e-learning with first-hand experience with over 1,400 LMS solutions, recently revealed his top 75 learning systems for 2022 and 2023. His list has a strong international flavor, with top systems coming out of Ukraine, Germany, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, England, Scotland, Spain, Ireland, Nigeria, Australia, and the United States. 

It can be tempting to limit your search to American vendors, but doing so limits your options with no corresponding benefits. The list below highlights some of Weiss’s top 75 vendors headquartered outside of North America. If you want more help finding a system that meets your organization’s needs, you can create a free account on FindAnLMS.com to take advantage of more expert insight from Craig Weiss himself. 

  1. Acorn LMS (Australia)

Acorn LMS doesn’t have many features that you couldn’t find elsewhere, but it makes up for that by executing standard features exceptionally well. The built-in course creation tool has a drag-and-drop interface that’s easy for admins to use. Alternatively, a third-party content marketplace provides courses from trusted names such as LinkedIn Learning so you don’t have to create any courses. All content is mobile-friendly, with gamification elements to support learner engagement and real-time reporting to quantify the success of your e-learning program. 

  1. eloomi (Denmark)

eloomi is an excellent option for organizations that don’t want to author their own courses because it offers a choice of more than 20,000 educational modules developed by leading content providers. Learners also receive actionable feedback from colleagues, instructors, and customers through a feature called My360, making it easier to address any skill gaps. The platform’s analytics can be segmented by individual, department, or organization-wide, and everything is backed by superlative customer service should you run into any issues. 

  1. Learnster (Sweden)

Learnster has a unique UI (or user interface) that places a strong emphasis on knowledge sharing, differentiating itself from all of the other products on the market. The system also offers Smart Automation Rules to save valuable admin time by automating tasks such as course enrollments and Knowledge Gap AI to pinpoint the needs of individual learners. Learnster’s course creation tool offers drag-and-drop functionality as well, a feature that’s relatively rare if you limit yourself to American LMS vendors. 

  1. uQualio (Denmark)

uQualio is first and foremost a video learning platform that enables organizations to publish and update educational content in real-time. You can import video from well-known websites such as YouTube and Vimeo, capture and edit video content on your smartphone, or easily upload prerecorded video and audio files to create your content. You can also integrate quizzes and assessments into your video content to promote learner engagement and verify understanding before introducing the next topic. 

  1. Netex learningCloud (Spain)

Netex learningCloud’s marketing materials place a strong emphasis on microlearning, but feel free to ignore that since every LMS vendor has been doing it since 2000. The real draws here are skill mapping, social functionality, and content curation capabilities that are second to none. The platform also works great on mobile and includes gamification elements such as live leaderboards to foster friendly competition and promote knowledge sharing throughout your organization. The platform is ideal for smaller organizations with about 500 end users. 

  1. AcademyOcean (Ukraine)

The best thing about AcademyOcean is the platform’s advanced multithreading capabilities. “Multithreading” sounds complicated but it just means that you can provide each learner with a custom-branded experience (including your organization’s logos, color scheme, and a custom domain name) on a single instance of the software. AcademyOcean calls each portal an “academy” and allows admins to set up as many as they like for no additional charge. Competing vendors often charge per portal or limit how much each can be customized. 

  1. Eurekos (Denmark)

Eurekos specializes in the customer education market and offers everything organizations need to succeed in that space. The built-in course authoring tool makes it easy for novices to create courses highlighting the benefits of their products for channel partners while also supporting more advanced capabilities for experienced administrators to take advantage of. The platform’s reporting tools are also geared to the customer education space, and everything is packed into a UI that looks great for both learners and admins. 

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Every platform on Craig Weiss’s top 75 has a use case, but sorting through them all yourself can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. Creating a free account on FindAnLMS.com is the best way to compare the top names in the industry head-to-head backed by exclusive grades and insight from the expert himself. 

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