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The time between your customer choosing your product and using it is a critical period for customer engagement. If their first impression left something to be desired, they’re likely to subconsciously give up on it before they’re even comfortable using it. They won’t renew either, forcing you to find a new customer to replace them at considerable expense. Thought Industries (or TI) is a learning management system designed to prevent this scenario from ever taking place. 

The e-learning industry is exploding in popularity right now, and experts believe that the exponential growth will only continue in the future. Tons of players have emerged in the LMS space to try and capture their piece of the pie, and the average consumer might struggle to choose between them. Industry expert Craig Weiss founded in 2009 to bring his unparalleled insight into e-learning to the masses with unbiased reviews of all of the top players. The following Thought Industries review is an example of the hundreds of reviews you can read if you create a free account on

What Is Thought Industries?

Thought Industries LMS is a learning management system that’s designed to drive customer adoption, increase customer retention, and grow a brand’s community through engaging learning experiences tailored to an organization’s unique needs. They were one of the first companies in the customer and partner training space and continue to be one of the best. The reason why is simple: continued innovation. Brand new feature suites called “Atlas” and “Helium” are slated for release in early 2022 with a mobile app expected by mid-2022. 

How Will Thought Industries Engage My Organization’s Customers and Partners?

Thought Industries supports blended and hybrid learning, allowing learners to take live classes for some topics while completing self-paced assignments on their schedules for others. This provides added flexibility to working professionals who may not always have the time to dedicate to training. Similarly, live classes can be recorded so that asynchronous learners can benefit from the same information the live attendees did. 

Thought Industries LMS allows you to create customized learning paths to give your learners only the content they need, making learning more relevant and engaging. Likewise, gamification elements and social learning capabilities can help foster a community of learners where everyone is eager to share their insights with everyone else. TI even includes a built-in course builder that includes video skills validation with digital coaching and scenarios, giving learners an experience that will keep them coming back for more. 

What Does Thought Industries LMS Do for Me?

The basic Thought Industries package includes advanced analytics to help you track permissions, performance, and usage at all levels of your organization. You can also sell training content on an a la carte model or as a subscription service to better engage your learners while generating more revenue. Most importantly, multi-tenant delivery capabilities allow any number of learners to access your training content at the same time, improving stability without compromising on personalization. 

What Does Thought Industries Pricing Look Like?

Since Thought Industries LMS prides itself on offering solutions customized to each client, they do not have a standard pricing model. Instead, organizations are asked to contact TI directly to discuss their unique needs and determine what an engaging training platform would cost them. 

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Thought Industries LMS is a strong contender, ranking second overall and tops in its category in the Craig Weiss Group’s annual rankings. Every organization has unique needs, however, so you should conduct your own research based on what you’re looking for. has hundreds of LMS reviews curated by an expert, so create a free account on today to start comparing them!

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