Ensure Employee Compliance on the Go with Access LMS

Mandatory compliance is very important for organizations in a variety of industries, but keeping track of it can be an administrative nightmare. Did Dan in Accounting complete the continuing education courses he needed to remain accredited? Is your organization prepared to be audited for compliance? Access LMS is a learning management system designed around making compliance as easy as possible for individual learners and entire organizations alike. The vendor embraces a “mobile-first” e-learning strategy that allows learners to take courses they need whenever and wherever works best for them. Meanwhile, the platform’s analytics make it easy to see if someone is falling behind and intervene appropriately.

If your organization has struggled with compliance in the past, an LMS dedicated to it specifically may sound appealing. However, Access LMS may not have what you’re looking for in other regards. If you need expert help determining which LMS is best for you, look no further than industry expert Craig Weiss. Weiss’s e-learning projections have proven over 90 percent accurate since he launched his e-learning 24/7 blog. He also maintains unbiased reviews of hundreds of different learning platforms on FindAnLMS.com. When you finish reading this Access LMS review, create a free account on FindAnLMS.com to compare it to other top names in the space. Let’s get started!

What Is Access LMS?

Access LMS is an online learning platform developed as part of the Access Workspace product suite to make e-learning more accessible to everyone. Its latest iteration, Access Learning 11, places a heavy emphasis on compliance that makes it ideal for organizations in compliance-heavy industries such as finance and healthcare. It also includes a brand new mobile app called Access Learning to facilitate just-in-time learning, bridging the gap between compliance training and practical job functions. Outside of compliance, Access LMS stresses ease of use to promote an organizational culture of learning to improve employee retention and adaptability.

What Are a Few of Access LMS’s Standout Features?

Access LMS has a clear mission and includes many features that support it. For example, learners can personalize their dashboards so that they only see content of interest to them. Compliance tracking tools make it easy for both learners and admins to identify skill gaps at a glance, allowing employees to enroll in relevant courses before they run the risk of becoming uncompliant. While gamification is becoming somewhat ubiquitous in the e-learning space, Access LMS supports a unique quiz show game that stands out for promoting learner engagement. Other engagement tools include multimedia support and the intuitive mobile app. Learners can also provide peer-to-peer feedback, encouraging organization-wide collaboration.

Access LMS includes eCreator course creation tools that allow you to offer custom courses based on your organization’s specific needs, but their selection of pre-made courses is arguably a bigger draw. Tons of options corresponding to compliance and best practices in specific industries are available, making it easy to get learners going.

What Are Some of the Weaknesses of Access LMS?

Access LMS includes built-in analytical tools, but its data collection is limited compared to competitors that allow you to slice and dice data however you like. Access also offers full integration with the Access Workspace product line, which sounds good in theory but really means that you need to buy other things to get the most out of it. Finally, the platform lacks NextGen capabilities.

Learn More About Access LMS on FindAnLMS.com

Access LMS was built around compliance training and it’s very good at what it does. That said, the product may not be ambitious enough to keep up with the needs of every organization. If you’re undecided on whether Access LMS would be the right fit for you, create a free account on FindAnLMS.com and compare it to other top options. You are sure to make a strong decision if you take advantage of industry expert Craig Weiss’s insights.

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