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Organizations focusing on customer education have unique needs that make some features a necessity in their learning management system (or LMS) while others aren’t as important. For example, solutions designed for the customer education space must have multi-tenancy to provide a personalized experience to every partner. Likewise, mandatory courses might make sense for employee training but would be a massive turn-off for the customer education market.

Industry expert Craig Weiss is the Lead Analyst for the Craig Weiss Group and proprietor of the popular e-learning 24/7 blog, so people listen whenever he shares his opinion on the e-learning space. Weiss recently illustrated how the customer ed market is different by ranking Eurekos 13th overall in his Top LMS Solutions for 2022 but 2nd overall in his Annual Customer Education Brackets. There’s nothing wrong with ranking 13th out of more than a thousand systems, but Eurekos has a feature suite that plays especially well in customer education. 

The following Eurekos review will provide insight into the platform’s most important features and why they make it such a strong player for customer education. If you still aren’t sure if Eurekos would be the right fit for your organization, you can create a free account on to compare the top names in e-learning with exclusive insight from Weiss himself. 

Outstanding UI/UX

UI means user interface while UX is user experience, and both are important for any kind of LMS. Eurekos’s interface will immediately look familiar to anyone who has ever navigated a Netflix queue as content is presented in the same manner. Learners will receive “recommended” courses based on their interests, clear progress views on all pages and dashboards, and easy navigation with resume if they left a course part-way through. Admins get an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to track who is enrolled in what and how they are faring, automated course enrollments to streamline the process, and QR codes for easy distribution to both registered and unregistered users. 

Eurekos meets all WCAG 2.1 guidelines, the gold standard for online accessibility. All of the content is responsive on mobile devices as well, allowing learners and instructors to engage with it anywhere with a solid Wi-Fi connection. This is especially important for organizations with channel partners that sell their products because it ensures that they can always access up-to-date information on your latest offerings. Eurekos doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app yet, but the UI will only improve when one is released. 

Award-Winning Content Creation Tool

Course creation is especially important in the customer ed space because you have to teach your consumer how your products can improve their lives. Eurekos includes a built-in authoring tool that makes it easy to create engaging, interactive content through browser-based drag-and-drop functionality. There are more than 40 customizable learning tools to choose from, and any number of authors can collaborate on a single course. As a result, the process is up to five times faster than traditional course creation. Best of all, you can publish your content to any device with a single click and update previously published content instantly to keep up with your organization’s latest products. 

Blended Learning

Since customers and partners have no obligation to access any training materials you provide, your courses have to be flexible enough to meet their needs. Eurekos allows for both self-paced assignments and Virtual Instructor-Led Training (or vILT) to give learners the freedom to complete some work themselves while still benefiting from live instruction. In-person meetings can happen through native integrations with services such as Microsoft Teams or Google Meet or another service of your choice. There are also dedicated collaboration spaces for one-on-one coaching and the exchange of best practices to help your organization’s partners feel more like a community. 

Single-Sign-On and Federated Identity Management

Single-Sign-On (or SSO) is a fancy way of saying that learners can securely access multiple web applications through a single set of credentials, making it more convenient for channel partners to access all of the training materials you provide. Federated Identity Management (or FIM) is similar except that it allows learners to access applications across multiple domains, making it ideal if your organization collaborates with others and you want your customers or partners to know about it. Eurekos offers both features.


Multi-tenancy means that a single instance of the software and its supporting infrastructure serves multiple customers. The application is shared, but each tenant’s data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants. Eurekos has advanced multi-tenancy that not only allows for dedicated customer portals but white-branding, ensuring that every course feels like an extension of your brand. 

e-Commerce Functionality

If it would make sense for your organization to sell educational content to partners, Eurekos offers a robust suite of e-commerce features to facilitate that. You can accept payment in multiple currencies, offer virtual credit, and even use coupon codes to help drive sales. 

Superlative Customer Service

Every LMS vendor claims to provide excellent customer service, but few of them deliver on that promise. Craig Weiss created the Customer Support Certification Program as a voluntary way for LMS vendors to authenticate the quality of support they provide, and Eurekos signed the pledge. As such, you can rest assured that you and your partners will receive a prompt response to any questions you may have. The Eurekos team will also help you get the system up and running and even advise you on how to make the most of its customer education capabilities. 

100+ Languages Supported

Global organizations don’t have time for language barriers, especially if they have partners on multiple continents. Eurekos supports over 100 different languages with a built-in translation interface that makes it easy to localize content for any audience, ensuring that you’re literally “speaking their language” whenever they access your content. 


If your organization certifies partners who have completed training, Eurekos will automatically keep track of that for you. You can even train the trainers who will go on to train other people, a great way to assure prospective franchisees that your organization will provide the education and support necessary to drive success. 

Unparalleled Privacy and Security

Your training materials probably contain sensitive information that you don’t want competitors getting their hands on, and Eurekos won’t let them. The platform is ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certified, the only auditable international standard that defines the privacy requirements of information management systems. Furthermore, Eurekos is ISO/IEC 27701: 2019 certified, providing an additional level of privacy that few competing systems match. Eurekos is GDPR-compliant as well, so organizations in the European Union won’t have anything to worry about. 

Eurekos can also be deployed differently depending on your security needs. Like many other LMS solutions, it can be deployed as a SaaS cloud-based service that receives regular security updates automatically. Alternatively, the solution can be deployed on-premises through an Intranet instead of the web or cloud so your content isn’t online at all. Even the vendor won’t have remote access to your system, with all patches and updates requiring physical, on-site delivery for added peace of mind. 

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Eurekos is constantly innovating, with exciting new features being added to those above regularly. It can be tempting to choose it based on that fact alone, but advanced features won’t make it right for every organization’s needs. Instead, create a free account on to compare the best in the business head-to-head with additional insight from e-learning expert Craig Weiss! It’s the best way to make an informed decision.

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