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If your company produces a great product that meets consumer needs but your customers don’t seem to be responding to it, a knowledge gap may be to blame. Even the best products accomplish little if consumers can’t figure out how to use them to solve their problems. Raven360 is a learning platform designed around helping people understand your offerings so that they can get more out of them, in turn driving revenue for your organization by transforming your customer base into your strongest advocates. Engaged customers also reduce customer churn, improving your company’s profitability. 

There are a ton of LMS options on the market, and most of them advertise themselves with technical jargon that you may not understand. provides a breath of fresh air by analyzing hundreds of learning platforms in simple terminology that can help you make an informed choice for your organization’s training needs. Insights are provided by Craig Weiss, one of the most trusted names in the e-learning industry. The following Raven360 review should help you determine if this platform is right for your organization. If you like what you see, you can create a free account on to learn more.

What Is Raven360?

While Raven360 is primarily marketed as a customer training platform, it’s really more of a combo offering. You can use it to teach salespeople what to emphasize when pitching to different leads, help employees understand the value your business provides to customers, and show customers how your products and services can change their lives for the better. Raven360 is also a highly scalable platform, making it a strong choice for enterprise organizations that need to train people around the globe. Its pricing model adds value too because you are billed based on the number of active users who are taking advantage of its capabilities, not all of the dormant accounts that only log on if they have to. 

What Are the Biggest Benefits of Raven360?

One of Raven360’s best features is virtual machine functionality that allows learners to practice on a facsimile of your product before graduating to the real thing. It’s a great way to let learners experiment in an environment with access to help should they need it. Most features like this focus on the technology vertical, but Raven360 is flexible enough to accommodate other industries as well. 

Raven360 also includes powerful analytical tools that help you identify the most engaged leads and convert them into sales. Robust training-to-revenue conversion analytics make it easy to track the ROI of your training program. Top-notch security features ensure that any proprietary information in your training materials remains secure, and you can create subscription-based training materials to add a new revenue stream to your company’s bottom line. 

Furthermore, Raven360 includes gamification elements like live leaderboards and badges to make training more engaging for learners. The platform has a strong mobile app as well, allowing learners to access content on their schedules whether they are online or off. You can also set up personalized learning paths to engage learners with content directly related to their role in your company and create certification programs that partners can advertise to potential customers. 

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