Craig Weiss Reveals Numbers 11-20 on His List of the Top 2022 e-Learning Platforms

People like numbered lists. They make it easy to process large amounts of information on a topic while adding the suspense of finding out who or what earned the coveted number-one slot. As such, it’s no surprise that e-learning expert Craig Weiss has two annual lists: the top learning management systems of the previous year and a forward-looking piece highlighting who he sees as the top players in the new year. 

Now that 2022 has dawned, Weiss has released his forward-looking piece. You may be leery of trusting a list that considers what could be rather than what currently is, but Weiss is an expert you can trust. As Founder and Lead Analyst for the Craig Weiss Group, Weiss pioneered the first third-party certification for customer service in the e-learning industry and has achieved widespread buy-in. Weiss also has industry connections that give him advance knowledge of what’s coming. Likewise, he has created an unbiased resource called to help average people compare e-learning platforms and find a great fit for their organizations. You can create a free account on right now if you’d like additional insight. 

This article will look at slots 11-20 on Weiss’s list, 11 platforms in total (there was one tie). But first, here is what Weiss looked at to determine his rankings:

What Was Considered

Any ranking is only as good as the thought process behind it, and Weiss clearly spelled out his reasoning. Factors that contributed to a platform’s ranking include features, price, reporting tools, mobile access, UI/UX (user interface or experience), customer service, and prospects for improvement. Weiss did not consider user base, customer testimonials, or whether a given platform was on or the Craig Weiss Group’s Customer Support Certification Program. Likewise, any efforts to raise capital did not influence a vendor’s ranking.

The List


Kredo is a great LMS for SMBs (or small to medium-sized businesses) because it offers native integrations with popular third-party software such as Zoom, custom-branding to help training feel like a natural extension of your brand, and great remediation tools to help admins quickly identify and address skill gaps in your organization. The platform also excels at delivering microlearning modules, or bite-sized pieces of information that promote retention. 

19. LearnUpon LMS

The greatest strength for LearnUpon is its ability to deliver on-demand training content to all learners. It also offers a user-focused experience with intuitive UI and pre-built integration with popular services such as Slack, Salesforce, and Shopify. The platform collects user feedback to help instructors improve their courses, and e-commerce functionality allows you to sell content to channel partners. 

18. SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is a great LMS for enterprise-level organizations that are looking to get started quickly. It’s cloud-based, meaning that you can set it up and get started in less than a week instead of sitting through a lengthy installation. SAP Litmos also supports employee, partner, and customer training so that all of your e-learning content can be managed from one hub. There’s an intuitive course builder, and admins can assign courses to learners with just a few clicks. 

17. (tie) Skill Jar

Skill Jar is intended for the customer education market and offers everything needed to engage learners that you cannot mandate to consume your content. It looks fantastic on mobile devices and offers a great UX that will keep learners coming back for more. It also integrates with business tools so learners can see the practical benefits of your content. If you decide to sell your content, Skill Jar offers a powerful suite of e-commerce tools as well. 

17. (tie) Valamis

Valamis is a learning experience platform (or LXP) marketed as a complete learning ecosystem for upskilling and reskilling team members while streamlining course management. It offers powerful analytical tools that connect e-learning to practical job functions, helping learners and your organization’s stakeholders see the value of your content. It also includes several integrations out-of-the-box, including partnerships with a variety of content libraries and internet databases so you don’t have to write courses if you’d prefer not to. Most importantly, Valamis has a powerful mobile app that facilitates just-in-time learning, meaning that employees can access content when they need it. This is definitely a vendor to keep an eye on in the future. 

16. Eurekos

The biggest selling point of Eurekos is how user-friendly it is. Put simply, if you can use Netflix you’ll be able to find the content you’re looking for on this LMS. Eurekos also offers native course authoring through your internet browser via an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to design courses around your organization’s specific needs. Furthermore, Eurekos automates course enrollments so your admins don’t have to chase down team members. Eurekos is a great option for global organizations with support for over a hundred different languages. It offers excellent security features and allows you to white label all of your training materials. You can also sell the content you create on the platform if you like. This is another one to watch. 

15. Rockstar Learning Platform

Rockstar is a relatively new product in the e-learning space, but eLearning Brothers are industry veterans who know what they are doing. The result is a powerful piece of software that can be used as an LMS, LXP, or simply a vanilla delivery system for educational content. Admins get analytic data reports, the opportunity to create personalized learning paths for learners, and asynchronous course development opportunities. Learners can enroll in mentorship programs to immerse themselves in the company’s culture and enjoy engagement tools such as social learning and gamification. With a few tweaks to the UI and premium add-ons being incorporated into the core product, Rockstar could be a huge player for years to come. 

14. Intellum

Intellum is a customer education platform with unmatched personalization elements. Learners can customize their dashboards so that they see only the content they want to see, while admins can create communities to facilitate social learning. This platform’s analytics are robust as well, with advanced audience segmentation features to boot. Note, however, that some of the best customization features require proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to implement. 

13. Juno Journey

Juno Journey is all about making the most of a course library with over 1,000,000 courses to choose from. Ready-made onboarding course templates will help your organization make a good first impression on fresh hires, while actionable analytics ensure that no learners will be lost in the shuffle. If you don’t think managing e-learning courses can be fun, you’ve never tried Juno Journey. 

12. D2L Brightspace

Brightspace bills itself as a learning innovation platform because it offers functionality that goes well beyond the typical LMS. Its mobile app offers offline capabilities, allowing learners to download what they need and access it even when they don’t have Wi-Fi. Learners can also practice new skills and receive continuous feedback, making it easier for them to improve. On the admin side, you can keep track of employee, customer, and partner training courses in one place and make smarter teaching decisions backed by data. Instructors can use integrated whiteboards and native web conferencing to make virtual meetings more engaging. Brightspace even automates common course management tasks so you have more time to focus on other things. 

11. Biz Skills

Biz Skills is an LMS developed by Biz Library, one of the best content libraries for microlearning modules. It allows admins to choose from over 500 off-the-shelf job roles (or create their own) and connect them with over 1,500 courses in the BizLibrary database, allowing learners to see not only the courses they need for their current role but also the job they aspire to. This setup makes upskilling and reskilling easy for organizations of all sizes. 

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