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Every organization that invests in e-learning does so with a goal in mind. For example, you might be looking to improve employee engagement or improve a key performance indicator (or KPI) like sales figures. Unfortunately, many learning management systems (or LMS) only offer half of the functionality you need for that, forcing you to purchase other products or even look to other vendors to get all of the capabilities you want. Schoox is marketed as a TXP (or Talent Experience Platform) that brings employee reskilling/upskilling, customer training, and advanced analytics under one application, making it easier to pursue business growth.

Craig Weiss is among the most influential people in the e-learning industry. Weiss is the Lead Analyst for the Craig Weiss Group, proprietor of the e-learning 24/7 blog, and driving force behind You can create a free account on to compare hundreds of e-learning solutions head-to-head and find the best fit for your needs. The following Schoox review will highlight the platform’s pros and cons to help you make an informed decision about whether it would be right for your organization.

What Is Schoox?

Schoox is a true TXP that allows administrators to bring all aspects of their e-learning campaigns under one umbrella. Employee performance data can drive personalized course recommendations, training data makes it easy to track the business impact of your campaign, and e-learning courses for employee development and customer education can be managed through a single dashboard. If your organization uses third-party services such as LinkedIn for social learning or Salesforce for analytics, Schoox offers seamless integration so you can keep using them. Schoox is also a cloud-based technology, meaning that it can scale with organizations of all sizes.

What Are Some of Schoox’s Major Selling Points?

As a one-stop-shop for everything e-learning, Schoox makes it easy to connect online training courses with their practical applications in the workplace. Its analytical tools are excellent, making it easy to track learner progress and show stakeholders the value of your organization’s training program. Schoox is also feature-rich, giving admins the tools they need to do just about anything they can think of. The platform has a native mobile app as well, promoting learner engagement by allowing them to access content on their terms.

Should something go awry, Schoox is a member of the Craig Weiss Group’s Customer Support Certification Program, meaning that a third party has verified the quality of its customer service. Schoox even has a third-party content marketplace so you don’t always have to develop your own courses.

Of course, you can also create custom courses on Schoox for your employees and outside learners. Schoox already has basic e-commerce functionality, but the vendor plans to expand this dramatically in 2022. The platform has multi-tenant capabilities, meaning that multiple instances of the application can be managed in one place. This promotes security and affordability while still allowing customers to have private dashboards, making it a must for any LMS that’s going into e-commerce.

Are There Any Schoox Drawbacks I Should Be Aware of?

The Schoox UI (or user interface) has a steep learning curve, especially on the admin side. Luckily, the vendor is aware of this problem and is planning a significant refresh in 2022. As it stands, Schoox users can turn off any features their organization doesn’t need to create a more intuitive interface. The platform is also lacking in the digital coaching department, though this is an issue for the entire e-learning industry.

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While Schoox is certainly a powerful TXP, it may not be the right fit for your organization. If you’re interested in seeing unbiased comparisons of hundreds of e-learning platforms, create a free account on today. You could do much worse than Craig Weiss when it comes to soliciting informed opinions on e-learning vendors.

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