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If you’re in charge of choosing an LMS for your organization, you’ve probably discovered that the choice is more challenging than you thought. There are literally thousands of vendors to choose from, to say nothing of open-source options and optional add-ons. How the heck are you supposed to choose an LMS when there’s so much to think about?

You might not know everything there is to know about how to choose an LMS, but Craig Weiss does. Weiss has more than two decades of experience in the e-learning space, building countless relationships that he leverages to understand not only what platforms can do today but what they will be able to do tomorrow. His latest venture is called, an entire website dedicated to helping people select an LMS that suits their needs. If you would like to compare the best LMS solutions side-by-side with exclusive insight from the expert himself, you can create a free account on right now.

Why should Craig Weiss help me choose an LMS?

Weiss has personally reviewed thousands of LMS solutions, so he understands what’s available in the market. He also understands that every organization has unique needs and that there should never be a one-size-fits-all approach in the e-learning industry.

For example, Weiss compiles an annual top-10 ranking of the best learning management systems (including vendors that use different names like LXP or TDP). If you read his top 10 LMS solutions for 2022 piece, you’ll see that Fuse was named his top pick. The first line in his analysis is “This is not a system for everyone.” Choosing an LMS isn’t about finding a system that offers something for as many people as possible but finding the right fit for your specific needs, and Weiss understands that.

How does Weiss approach choosing an LMS?

Whereas most people click around LMS websites trying to figure out what all the technical jargon means, Weiss can close his eyes and picture any LMS in action. He knows what EdCast’s UI looks like, how to author a course on Thought Industries, and how easy it is to integrate Brightspace content into tools like Google Analytics.

This deep understanding of the market means that you can tell him what features are most important for your organization and immediately discover which systems handle them the best. If you have more than one must-have feature, Weiss can help you rank them in importance so you know what to prioritize as you search. automates all of this advice in a single convenient location for maximal ease of use.

Can Weiss’s Experience Help When Choosing an LMS?

Weiss understands the common pitfalls that come up when you choose an LMS and offers extensive resources to help you avoid them. For example, many buyers focus on features and price without thinking about customer support twice. Every LMS vendor claims to have great customer support, but many companies end up switching because they were dissatisfied with it.

Craig Weiss created the Customer Support Certification Program to provide independent verification of the quality of customer service throughout the e-learning industry. If a vendor is on the list, you know that you will receive helpful, prompt customer service whenever something comes up. If they aren’t, you should ask why.

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Choosing an LMS can seem overwhelming, but an expert like Craig Weiss can break everything down into the core features you need and which vendors excel at delivering them. One of the best parts about is that it’s an exclusive club: Weiss only allows the best vendors on it. If you’re ready to start comparing the top vendors with exclusive insight straight from an expert, create a free account on today!

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