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You’ve probably attended those boring training seminars that hurt workplace productivity with no obvious connection to your job or goals, or maybe your student fell behind during the COVID-19 pandemic because they didn’t have an engaging remote learning experience. D2L LMS provides a suite of software that helps instructors engage learners at all levels, leading to superior information retention and more productive meetings. 

The D2L learning management system, Brightspace, isn’t the only product of its type on the market, and you may be wondering which option best suits your organization. hosts accessible reviews of hundreds of different learning platforms, all curated by e-learning industry thought leader Craig Weiss. It’s a great way to get expert advice without paying a consultant or wasting tons of time trying to research something you don’t completely understand by yourself. Create a free account on today to get started, or read the following D2L review for a taste of what you can expect. 

What Is the D2L LMS?

The D2L LMS is called Brightspace and is designed to provide a highly personalized learning experience to unlock learner potential at scale. It is a learning innovation platform for all types of learners, including K-12 students, university students, employee onboarding and upskilling, customers, and corporate partners. 

D2L also offers several additional products that expand the capabilities of Brightspace or complement it. For example, D2L Wave is designed to make it easier to align corporate training to broader initiatives, Engagement+ includes gamification elements to promote learner engagement, and Performance+ provides additional analytical tools to help you track learner progress. 

What Features Does the D2L Learning Management System Bring to the Table?

Brightspace includes features such as slide sharing, virtual whiteboards, and integrated web conferencing to make remote meetings more engaging. The D2L LMS also supports blended learning, allowing learners to explore some concepts on their own while attending live classes for others. Classes can also be recorded for future use, ensuring that asynchronous learners receive the same information as their peers or colleagues. 

Practice spaces allow students to demonstrate their progress and receive personalized feedback from their instructors. Brightspace also makes it easy to set up learning paths that allow learners to research and self-enroll in the courses that they are most interested in, ensuring that they care about the material. The D2L LMS is mobile-friendly as well, allowing learners to access content wherever and whenever they like even if they are offline. Brightspace complies with all WCAG 2.1 standards too, so all learners will enjoy equal access to your educational content. 

Brightspace saves admin time by automating course management tasks as well. For instance, your instructors can choose from a variety of assessment tools and let the platform grade them, giving them more time to spend with learners. You can also import courses from compatible learning management systems and third-party content providers and share educational materials throughout your organization. If you don’t have any content yet, course templates help you create it with consistent brand messaging throughout. 

All content is stored on secure cloud technology with uptimes over 99.99%, so your learners will be able to access content whenever they need to. You can even embed short videos into lessons and leverage collaborative learning to make courses more engaging. 

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