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As organizations expand their eLearning programs, many find it difficult to keep track of all of the different courses they offer. This is especially true for organizations that have multiple types of learners. For example, you do not want a course intended for partner training to be mixed in with your onboarding materials. The good news is that most learning management systems, or LMS, now include CMS (Course Management System) functionality to make managing multiple courses less overwhelming for stakeholders and admins alike.

Knowledge Anywhere is a powerful LMS with a suite of advanced course management features, allowing admins to assign and track virtual learning, webinars, instructor-led training (or ILT), assessments, and certifications with ease. If you aren’t sure how Knowledge Anywhere compares to the LMS or CMS solutions that you are currently using, this article provides unbiased information from Craig Weiss, one of the most respected names in the eLearning industry. Weiss is also the driving force of, a website dedicated to helping users find the best LMS for their needs. If you enjoyed the content below, create a free account on today to get more of Weiss’s insights into the industry!

What Is Knowledge Anywhere?

Knowledge Anywhere is a cloud-based LMS/CMS hybrid intended as a one-stop-shop for all of an organization’s eLearning needs. Admins get an intuitive dashboard that helps them keep track of multiple types of content, making it easy to enroll learners in courses and evaluate their performance. It also includes the basic tools you would expect from a modern LMS, including course authoring functionality, reporting capabilities, and the ability to build and assign personalized learning paths to address any identified skill gaps.

What Features Help Knowledge Anywhere Stand Out in the Market?

One of Knowledge Anywhere’s best features is video coaching. Video coaching, or Video Role-Play (VRP), entails instructors recording prompts that are presented to learners through technology, allowing businesses to see how an individual would react in a real-world setting. This has many uses, including customer service interactions in the retail and hospitality sectors and sales training. Knowledge Anywhere’s version is powered by Rehearsal VRP and launches directly in the LMS for maximal convenience.

Knowledge Anywhere is also xAPI compatible, making it easy to integrate with many systems that your organization uses every day. You can also export the platform’s analytics to Microsoft Excel, quickly generating the custom reports you need to make informed decisions throughout your organization. Furthermore, content on Knowledge Anywhere is mobile-friendly with custom branding and e-commerce options available. Learners will appreciate its single-sign-on (SSO) functionality as well, letting them use one set of credentials to access all of the training content your organization provides.

What Are the Biggest Problems Associated with Knowledge Anywhere?

Unlike many LMS providers, Knowledge Anywhere offers upfront pricing through its Express and Professional tiers. Unfortunately, the smallest tier is for 500 end-users, meaning that SMBs may be priced out of using the platform entirely. The system also has occasional connectivity issues and updating content can be more difficult than it should be. Thankfully, all Knowledge Anywhere customers receive a dedicated customer success representative to help them resolve any tech issues.

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Knowledge Anywhere is a great LMS overall, but that doesn’t mean that it is a perfect fit for every organization. With a free account on, you can compare Knowledge Anywhere to other popular systems such as D2L Brightspace, Docebo, and Thought Industries. You won’t find anybody more knowledgeable on the LMS market than Craig Weiss, so why not take advantage of his expertise?

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