Bring Learning and Engagement Under One Umbrella with Learn Amp

There are a lot of options to choose from in the e-learning industry, ranging from learning management systems (LMS) to experience platforms (LXP) to talent development suites. Most organizations want a single platform that can handle all of their e-learning needs, but many end up with a bunch of different products that don’t always integrate very well. Worse, some e-learning solutions have features that users simply don’t need, adding unnecessary complexity to what should be simple.

Learn Amp combines all of the features of an LMS and LXP with talent development capabilities, allowing it to be a one-stop-shop for all of your organization’s e-learning needs. That’s appealing for many organizations, but you don’t want to rush into a decision. Craig Weiss, Founder and Lead Analyst of the Craig Weiss Group, is an industry veteran whose predictions have proven over 90 percent accurate since he launched his e-learning 24/7 blog in late 2009. His latest project,, is a resource designed to help organizations like yours compare unbiased reviews of over 100 different learning systems including Learn Amp. When you’re finished with this Learn Amp review, create a free account on to take advantage of Weiss’s expertise.

What Is Learn Amp?

The mission behind Learn Amp is to create e-learning software that helps businesses attract and retain top talent, giving them a competitive advantage. Learn Amp is marketed as a complete learning ecosystem that combines the content delivery of an LMS with the engagement features of an LXP. The software also includes skill development features reminiscent of a TXP (talent experience platform), though it doesn’t quite have everything needed to be a true TXP. Still, Learn Amp offers a lot of functionality for organizations of all sizes that want their e-learning to just work.

What Makes Learn Amp a Good Choice?

Learn Amp offers an intuitive UX (or user experience) for both learners and administrators, making it easy for everyone to get everything they need out of the system. Learn Amp is predicated on letting learners drive their own success. AI will automatically point learners toward the courses they need to take and any upskilling opportunities that may be of interest to them, promoting employee engagement through the power of choice. This frees up administrators to focus on other tasks as well since they aren’t chasing down learners for course enrollments. Admins can also remove any features that their organization isn’t using from the learner dashboard, making course enrollment even easier. Likewise, admins can add custom branding to every page and set up personalized learning paths to help workers pursue their goals.

Learn Amp makes performance management easy by providing great analytics and tying them to your organization’s goals. Learners can see their individual progress as well as that of any teams they’re assigned to, and admins can control access to this information if it’s sensitive. Further data segmentation would be ideal in the future though.

Learn Amp supports user-generated content, meaning that you can ask your learners to share their expertise with their colleagues to improve company morale while best practices flourish. There’s also a third-party content marketplace, allowing you to choose from a great selection of courses for your organization. If you have any trouble, Learn Amp offers outstanding customer service verified by the Craig Weiss Group’s Customer Support Certification Program. Finally, you can set Learn Amp up in as little as 10 weeks.

Are There Any Downsides with Learn Amp?

The biggest weaknesses of Learn Amp are that it doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app and skill development is still a work-in-progress. That said, both are on the roadmap for 2022, and Learn Amp has an outstanding track record of turning planned features on the roadmap into things that organizations can use. The platform doesn’t have any e-commerce capabilities either, making it a little weaker in the customer education market if you want to sell your courses.

Learn More About Learn Amp on

With an intuitive interface, strong reporting capabilities, and a dedication to what matters in the e-learning space, Learn Amp should be a strong consideration for any organization. That said, it won’t be the right fit for everybody. You can create a free account on today to compare Learn Amp with other top players in the industry!

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