Amp Up Your Organization’s e-Learning Campaign with Learn Amp

It’s important for employees to receive the opportunity to develop new skills, especially within the digital realm, outside of their regular duties. Nearly one-third of employees report that their employer provides sufficient upskilling and reskilling training, meaning well over 75% are ready to learn but lack the opportunity. L&D (learning and development) pros are aware of these needs, particularly with the variety of environments employees work from. Online learning works for everyone, whether they work from home, have a hybrid schedule, or are in the office full-time.

If you’re using an e-learning platform to manage your training, you’re already aware of the ways it can facilitate learning. If you’re not, you might be looking for a better way to provide your team with opportunities to grow. is a site that focuses exclusively on e-learning, helping you research, compare, and contact your learning software options of choice. With a free account at, you can read a detailed review of over 100 LMS (learning management system) solutions including Learn Amp. One of the best systems for reskilling, upskilling, and talent development, Learn Amp gives your business a user-friendly, feature-packed way to meld employee development and company-focused goals successfully. You also get exclusive insight and analysis from Craig Weiss, one of the most influential names in online learning.

Choosing an LMS can feel overwhelming, and there’s nothing wrong with seeking expert opinions to help you make your choice. In this full review of Learn Amp, we’ll explore the features that make it such a powerful development tool. Let’s begin!

How does Learn Amp support learning and employee development?

Learn Amp is a great way for you to give your team the chance to learn new skills and solidify their foundational knowledge. It is a complete learning ecosystem, encompassing features of LMS solutions, LXP (learning experience platforms), and talent development platforms. With great customer service available to help you make the most of Learn Amp’s capabilities, it’s worth exploring some of the highlights one by one. 


While some LMS vendors try to make a system resembling all of the other systems on the market, Learn Amp focuses exclusively on the needs of learners. The result is a sleek, modern UI (user interface) that stands out in a crowded marketplace for learners and administrators alike. 


As a cloud-based, SaaS (software as a service) solution, Learn Amp provides scalability for any size business. If your small business has 250 learners today but hopes to expand to 1,000 next year, the platform will grow with you. Cloud storage also allows you to store as much content as you want. 


Learn Amp does an excellent job with metrics to quantify learning. Advanced data visualization tools tell a story, so you aren’t relying on spreadsheets to evaluate learner performance. Admins can also keep track of who is completing courses with ease, making internal promotions easier. 


Skills are a relatively new innovation in the e-learning space, but no platform has a better module than Learn Amp. You can highlight top skills by role and topic, and machine learning points employees toward the content they need for professional development without burning valuable admin time. 


Competing platforms often point to gamification as their primary engagement tool, but it’s really just a bunch of surveys and polls. Learn Amp can do that too but emphasizes social learning, user-generated content, and cohort-based learning to facilitate a community. The desire to learn will prove contagious!


Employees don’t always remember to take e-learning courses, but a great system solves that problem through SMS reminders. Administrators can also be notified of laggards according to your escalation policy, so being one day late may send a notification to a manager while three days sends a message to the CEO. 

What topics can employees learn using this software?

Learn Amp allows customers to access a third-party content marketplace for all of their employee development needs. Instead of wasting time and money authoring courses yourself, you can purchase content from the web and rest assured that your business will always have up-to-date educational materials. 

As for what your employees might learn, your imagination is the only limitation. Popular topics include management primers, communication guides, industry-specific compliance, and more. 

What can I learn from a review on

The vendors on are curated by Weiss, so you’ll only see the best of the best. Each listing includes a brief rundown of a platform’s capabilities, and you can sort by specific options such as microlearning and video learning. You’ll also find contact information so you can ask about pricing or other things, exclusive ratings, and a brief explanation of who each vendor is. 

One of the best parts of is the ability to create and share lists of “favorites”. You can also compare up to four platforms head-to-head to determine which would best fit the needs of your business. 

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Your learners deserve an outstanding e-learning experience whether they are taking recertification courses, looking to advance their careers, or need a refresher on how to perform day-to-day tasks. Selecting the right LMS is the first step toward empowering your staff to unleash its full potential. 

Learn Amp is a great system, but some of the alternatives are fantastic too. When you’re ready to learn more about all the ways you can give your corporate e-learning a boost, let help you decide on the system that’s right for you. also points you to Craig Weiss’s personal blog, where you can discover a valuable post on the top 10 learning systems in the world for 2023.You can rely on to give you the most insightful opinions on your options as well. Backed by years of experience, Craig Weiss delivers the information that you need to pick the right system for your business. Get started with a free account at today.