The Importance of Professional Development

It’s a fact: hiring the most qualified people is only one part of running a successful company. Your employees also need ongoing skill development training. This professional support is necessary for more than just skills development — it also gives your employees the chance to expand their skills to become more agile members of your team.

As you do your due diligence on each learning platform, the number of details to keep track of can become overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created, a solution dedicated to helping people like you research, compare, and contact over 100 different e-learning systems including Cornerstone, Absorb, and more when you create a free account. Created by the world-renowned expert Craig Weiss, makes short work of the often complex process of finding skills development tools like Learn Amp, Degreed, or another system that’s right for you. 

Role of AI in skill development 

Depending on the system you choose for your employee skills development programs, AI will play a role in professional development training. Fifty-one percent of workers surveyed by PriceWaterhouseCooper think tech breakthroughs like AI will transform the way people work over the next three to five years. AI helps your employees have a more personalized experience, providing more challenging tasks for workers who easily grasp new concepts and coaching new hires toward establishing a firm foundation so rapid skill acquisition can take place. 

Using AI wisely is one of the smartest and fastest ways to get your employees moving toward their skill development goals. AI-based courses help employers to offer targeted training that provides data measuring learning. This guides AI-powered training programs to adapt to the needs of every employee, often resulting in quicker completion of professional skills development training. The use of AI in skills development also allows your employees to receive skills training content that’s based on their existing skills, preferences, and even their personal traits. This type of personalization has been shown to boost training completion rates and engagement.

Different systems use AI in different ways. For example, Cornerstone is able to tie specific skills to content. Fuse has the ability to tie skills to a certain job role. D2L, Learn Amp, and Rockstar LMS can all help to develop specific skills for members of a professional association. These systems are also able to take members through any certification processes from start to finish by providing both the training they need and the testing necessary to earn or keep current their professional certifications, whether you use a custom-made training program or a third-party course. The choices are truly endless, so choosing software that’s right for your needs is essential.

Developing skills for the future

One of the easiest ways to get your skills development programs on track is by using an online learning system. Learning management systems are focused on employee (and consumer) skills development training, helping people upskill and reskill themselves online, on their own time. There are many systems you might consider, from Juno Journey to Schoox. 

While on the outside many e-learning software choices may seem to provide the same services, your organization may be looking for a system that requires specific features. Let Craig Weiss and his team of specialists help you choose the system that leverages all of AI’s advantages to make your skills development plan shine. Plus, also points you to Craig’s personal blog, where you can read a valuable post giving you a list of the top 100 learning systems in the world for 2021 and 2022. Sign up for a free account at and get access to all of the details about the online learning software targeted at skill development you need and feel confident about your final choice.

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