Juno Journey: One Goal, Many Paths

It’s critical to provide your employees with the best training possible. Ongoing reskilling and upskilling opportunities can keep your employees engaged and up-to-date with the latest innovations in your industry. Whether you’re completely new to e-learning platforms or you’re already using an LMS to manage your new employee onboarding, upskilling or reskilling, and professional development, it’s important to use an agile learning management system that works for employees in all environments. 

If any of this seems overwhelming, don’t worry: you’re in the right place. Signing up for a free account at FindAnLMS.com gives you access to a wealth of knowledge when it comes to choosing an LMS. If you’re unsure of which LMS might be right for you, kick things off with a visit to FindAnLMS.com founder Craig Weiss’s blog on the top 100 LMS systems in the world for 2021-2022. At FindAnLMS.com, you can research, compare, and even receive quotes from more than 100 LMS platforms including Schoox, Learn Amp, Absorb LMS, and Juno Journey. 

Juno Journey Makes Customized Corporate E-Learning Possible for Anyone

Juno Journey is a particularly attractive option for all types of organizations. Its simple setup and user-friendly interface give HR, L&D, managers, administrators, and employees an easy way to access content. Juno Journey can take employees from onboarding to ongoing upskilling opportunities with ease. Some things Juno Journey does particularly well are:

  1. Onboarding

  2. Juno makes the onboarding process simple for everyone. Whether they’re onboarding remotely or on-site, the learning experience is designed to connect new employees to the culture of the company to help them start off on the right foot. During onboarding, there are several ways to make sure your employees are retaining the information they need to know. For example, quizzes can be interspersed to guide new team members toward areas that need further attention to get them ready to roll.

  3. Social Learning

  4. Aligning and connecting employees through social learning and knowledge-sharing opportunities can spark new growth and engagement for all. Juno allows teams to share their experiences, crowd-source, and collaborate to build up everyone’s knowledge. People can recommend interesting articles, videos, courses, podcasts, and more to their peers. Juno also makes it possible for leaders to provide mentorship to employees by allowing both parties to collaborate, make a plan, and move forward toward mutual success.

  5. Rich and Simple Content Curation and Creation

  6. Juno Journey makes it simple to create a unique e-learning experience for your team. There is content available from dozens of external sources, and an easy-to-use authoring tool enables your organization’s experts, coaches, and managers to create their own engaging learning content. Beautiful templates that are easy to customize make it simple for your company to get started with online onboarding, development training, and more.

  7. Providing a Personalized Path 

  8. You can help employees make their goals a reality with a concrete development plan that guides them toward exceeding their goals. Juno Journey helps you identify the most impactful areas for their path to include. Reskilling and upskilling opportunities and can help them be ready to achieve future goals for themselves and their job role too. Juno Journey’s e-learning platform allows team members to visualize each step of their journey toward achieving their professional development goals. Plus, real-time reporting displays progress with an easy-to-use report panel. 

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